Taeyeon speaks out

the singer expressed her frustrations towards her
nay-sayers with a written post that was uploaded on her Instagram stories. The singer reportedly pointed out the hypocrisy of malicious comments made against her by haters, while declaring that she will “live however I want”.

“You criticize that I am fat if I gain weight, that I look sick if I lose weight, that I look like a guy if I wear baggy clothes, that I look too racy if I wear tight clothes,” Taeyeon wrote, as translated by Allkpop“I am a pig if I eat a lot, that I am too picky if I eat little, that I am a gold digger if I like luxury brands, that I have no style if I wear bonded fabrics.”

“Whatever I do the people who will hate on me will hate, so it is better to live however I want,” she added. It is currently unclear if Taeyeon’s post was meant for any one person and if a specific comment had elicited her response.

Taeyeon’s sentiment on living life “however I want”, as she described, was also reflected in the lyrics of her latest single, ‘Weekend’. “It’s okay to do whatever I like / I can do whatever I want,” she sings on the track, which was released on the same day.


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